A Destroyer

Johan Ronnestam. You have probably destroyed my ordinary life. Thank you!
Super blogger, strategist, film director, innovation mojo, entrepreneur, surfer, marketer, adviser, father and now friend; you are a destroyer.
Just another thing!
Just another thing!


Expect the Unexpected

I believe it to be one of my core characteristics, to be in constant change. I am curious and relatively open minded. However I must confess that I too, have general opinions and expectations when I meet people. This I fight, but not always successfully. However, I am happily admitting when I am wrong, hard knuckled, but happy. In my mind I take pride in always expecting the unexpected.

Friction for control

I get really uneasy when things are seemingly free of hurdles.  To me, friction is what allows traction and with traction; speed, steering and braking power. So, when stuff is great, I worry. I believe people that seem overly insightful, to be taking me around the corner. I need friction.

Unexpect the expected

So, without friction I am generally hesitant. But today, again, I was baffled by the engagement, generosity and insights shared by Johan. He just swept all the plates of the table, asked the waitress for some paper and a pen, and began to show me where I was right and what I was missing. I’ll tell you, many have tried on this subject lately, only you made it so far. The scary part is that you confirmed yet another gut feeling I have had for a long time. That was unexpected.

People just won’t give a f..k

It doesn’t matter how well you communicate all the sales bull that your marketing specialists tell you to push. The customers will build long term relations with your innovativeness based on the life style you present it as. You have to dare to do this. Leave the confirmatory tracks you are stuck on.

The message you gave today, is a message I hope many more will take the chance to share. Apart from that, you totally got me into the mid 40-ies motorcycle trap.

You totally destroyed my day. You made it great! Thank you

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