Celebrate success

I contemplate the Negativity Bias, as it is defined by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. The theory claims that matters of negative nature has more impact on us, than those of positive nature. Thus, we need to grasp, seek and multiply the positive, especially when we live in a world of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that we find strength to move on. We must celebrate success.

Why we must celebrate success

To break through a goal we have set or a barrier we find in front of us, is of importance, but how often to we bring out the cakes, sing the songs and send each other the so appreciated “Well Done!” notes?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is based on trials, failures, iteration, trusting the unknown and entering the land of no trails. We must fail in order to succeed, else we are not likely to differentiate what we do, from others. At many points I have joined the ranks in saying that we should celebrate failures, as these are somewhat proof of an ambition beyond the seemingly impossible. As we are bound to be hit by the negative impact from all minor failures, we also are at risk of loosing tempo. The daily work for us entrepreneurs and innovators are often filled with small failures, “no’s” and unreached goals. We can’t let this beat us down.

The theory of Negative Bias claims that the impact of negative happenings have relatively its importance, much higher impact than those of a positive nature. So, only if we force ourselves to recognize, appreciate and possibly celebrate the small every day positive matters can we compensate for the Negativity Bias. This, or we are at risk of caving under in a spiral with no boost, depression and lack of fortitude.

This, or we are at risk of caving under.

I believe it to be important that we also raise our children in this manner. Celebrating minor success, is as important as processing failures to learn.

Positive, not a Psycopath

So, someone that has been hit by failure and refuses to recognize this, might just recognize but rather choose to move on. Not give up. This is in a sense connected to Grit, which is claimed to be a most important factor for success.

It is not necessarily a trait of a psychopath to refuse to get stuck in realities, it might just be a way of processing a vision, combined with that so important determination. Like an athlete setting out to braking a world record. Doing something so many have failed to do, you are likely to fail many times, until training, circumstances and talent takes you all the way.

I hail those that persevere.

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