Disruptive on the verge of radical

Johnny RottenAs I am participating in a thought leaders Tank meeting with Innovation Pioneers on Disruptive and Radical Innovation, I ask myself; Do these in any way merge or are they parallell, maybe even contradictionary?

On a first note, when disrupting a business we seek to do something that break the usual sustaining processes. We take on risk to not make the most out of a Potential or an Opportunity but rather shift the curve of competetive advantages. We find a solution to a real or percieved quality problem, whilst still offering a solution with a cost adavntage.

Radical, on the other hand, falls more into hand as a way to maximize the reach within an Opportunity or a seemingly reachable Potential. To achieve this we seek new technologies and processes that can bring us to major breakthrough.

While the disruptive still deal with a known product on a known market, the radical will more likely reach for the unknown, allthough the output is most commonly unknown.

Phd Christian Sandström says, Companies are usually able to reconize what will happen. The problem is what to do about it.

He continues by agreeing to my long time saying, the problem large companies have, is that they think big, demand big and fail big. Again, this is where entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship comes in. Through partial separation and corporate venturing (internal).

I continue to think; Is radical innovation based on a repetetive process, in the long run just a disruptive movement?

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