Fake Innovation

I hail Innovation. Not to accomplish eternal growth, more to accomplish continuous improvement. But I can’t stand Fake Innovation.

The more Innovation disrupts, the more it differentiates.

Innovation is about creating value, repeatedly, with positive marginal effects.

When Innovation is used, rather abused, either as a function or just as an expression, to blind us, the ignorant, well then, I am out.

I have from time to time used examples on Fake Innovation, such as in the FMCG business were a larger opening on the tooth paste container, will lure consumers to over consume. That is nothing compared to what is described here.

I would be so ashamed if my organization in any way participated in in mal-doings like this. I want real business. Not fake business. I want real news, not fake news. I want real food, not fake food.

Do take a few minutes to see this presentation of Kate Cooper, marketing consultant in the Food Industry. It is appalling what she reveals. I now hail her for coming forward with this. I urge everyone to blow the whistle on your industries like this. Let us stop the suffering, let us stop the Fake Innovation. Let us educate ourselves.

Nota bene, the worst of it all, is of course the treatment these poor animals are suffering.

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