Gamification a way to innovate the work processes

Is gamification a way to innovate work processes? I have been very curious about the way game producers manage to capture hours of attention from consumers of all ages. Actually attracting and gravitating knowledge, engagement and talent. How can we utilize this when engaging our co-workers, clients and the total eco-system in the work processes?Dariush-quote-03 (other boxes)

To engage a bit further I will attend the Innovation Pioneers Network “Tank” meeting on the subject. Hosted by CGI and involving some of the most passionate innovation managers, it’s bound to be an interesting event.

Can we do more?

What do we really want to accomplish? Is more and more the same as doing the right things? A while back I met with a CEO of a major bank. We discussed the reason to innovate, beyond just answering what the market expects.

His response was that they did not necessary look at the market, as something they had to win, gain or conquer to grow. They looked at innovation as something that could help them better understand how to solve more of their customers needs. Duh! I hear this a lot, however; Give it a thought. A bank that actually sets out to solve problems, helping their customers being even better and this way earning the best business, not necessarily the biggest business. What would the world look like, if banks really had had this strategy in the last 20 years?

How do we inspire our stressed bankers to really understand their clients? I can’t help looking at gamification and comparing this to the Innovation Portfolio Challenges I often attend. It’s fun, energetic and engaging. That is how we get everyone to really engage in evaluating risk, participating in strategy formation and putting their full talent behind the solution.

Game thinking

Solutions might be easy to come up with, but solutions that really make a difference need more work. I strongly believe that thinking in other boxes will drive an innovative solution to the table. This is why the engagement of real game producers, kids and their game play is taking more attention and time for me as we speak. I am putting my brain were it hasn’t been before.

I hope that this will drive even more ideas and solutions on how to innovate work processes.

For inspirational purposes, take 15 minutes and listen to Gabe Zichermanns talk on Gamification, found inserted here. He has some really valid points.

Thinking games

OK, so we are innovating our work processes through gamification. But what if we would strive at re-thinking our solutions in the same way? How much more fun could you make the use of your product or solution? How much more effect could your service have, if you gamify it. At Googol we did, and it has been very appreciated amongst our clients.

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