Hard core innovation, as a core strategy

I am on my way back from visiting a company in Israel that had hard core innovation, as a core strategy. This is a tale of all dreams. Here is why.

WHY is not a strategy

During the last day I have had an interesting conversation with leaders of Innovation in Sweden, about the difference between purpose (vision) and strategy. Funny enough we all agreed. Strategy is, simply put, the actionable plan to reach the purpose, in its turn the answer to why we are doing it. Whatever it is.

The conversation took part while I was visiting a high-tech company in Israel, undergoing purposeful change. The company mother had had its challenges and a group of entrepreneurs had acquired this subsidiary and turned it around, as companies are turned around. Interesting enough this was not their purpose, this was their strategy. The purpose was in all means to reach a much higher altitude, aspiring to solve a true world challenge. This was their “why”. Innovation was their strategy.

Their core business was now healthy enough, but they were far from their target. They now aimed at disrupting, challenging and transforming more than one industry. They were ready to bet it all, on a “play to win” strategy.

A dream team

As we sat down for the opening presentation, the dream team to carry out the strategy was introduced to us. Over 100 years of experience in a rapidly developing field crystalized in front of me and the inno-venture team I was with. They knew it all, they were researchers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and leaders- all with their specialities.  Yet, interesting enough, they claimed they were not there to invent. They were there to innovate.

The whole team worked together on a plan to continuously develop the solution and albeit their experiences, they were to trust an open approach allowing their technologies to be developed anywhere and applied, implemented and deployed by them. Apply, implement and deploy – this is our mantra at Googol. I was amazed.

Apply, implement and deploy – this is our mantra at Googol

All types of innovation

I saw a team that, likely without having studied Keeley et als. 10 types of Innovation, naturally worked in just this way. New materials, new technologies, new business models etc would at all times affect and have effect their solution, so rather than betting on a given solution, they are betting on the solution being given over and over again. The core of the beauty, to me, today, was that they applied a process of development, rather than a technology. High tech company or not.

I am so looking forward to the continued journey of this very interesting venture. And who knows, I just might share their progress at a later stage.

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