Letting go

We are often so attached to our ideas, concepts and cases, that we loose the ability to holistically evaluate or have them efficiantly developed. This attachement can also work as a strength when it comes to pulling your baby through rough times. However, this is rather persistance.

Are you strong enough to take the ax and discontinue a case that is not proving or will not achieve he right strategic values? Are your strong enough to believe in a case that still has much to prove? And, maybe more importantly, are you strong enough to let go of a case, so that it can mature, develop and refine under other management?

Letting go of a project or an idea, can be as hard as letting your child try their own wings and leave home. You fear all sort of more or less rational outcomes, even that your position as a parent will be deminished and even questioned. This fear is based on one of the strongest forces within us, egoism. However we need to understand that egosism in a short sighted point of view, is very different as to the egosim we find when we look a bit further.

What is good for others is so much better for us. Meaning, we do something for ourselves, we feel ok. At least if it is not at the direct cost of others. Doing good for others, feels very good. Even though it might be at a certain cost to ourselves. Maybe even due to the cost to ourselves.

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