The Ramsey egg

Chef Gordon Ramsey. Yesterday I happened to see part of a show you hosted. The contestants were to fry eggs. 27-32 of them. There you where yelling and barking and throwing the eggs into a bin because they were not perfect.

In a world where over production, animal well being- due to this over production, environmental footprint and poverty for so many people rule. In a world where an egg can mean the difference for a life. Do you seriously stand behind this behavior as a leader? Isn’t it time for you to re-think and show your skills in a better way.

Shouldn’t you teach the world how to use less, waste nill and be more considerate about the footprint we have? I call it “leadership beyond personal winnings“. You might not make as much money and fame short term, but you just might be part of turning this place into a better one.

Feel free to join in.

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