Remembering the Day

Walking that delicate path between reality, fantasy and perception, the difference between memory and fantasy is blurred. Then someone steps in and clears everything up. Sorts it out for me somehow. Remembering the Day has since my childhood been a game and now Spencer Finch again steps forward as the master of expression.

I shut my eyes, inhale through my nose, taste the air. I listen and try to scale each wall of sound away as they are discovered, so that another can become available. I open my eyes and engrave the colors and shadows into  my mind. I say, this Day shall never be forgotten.

One artist above all I follow, express the same thing, over and over again. Spencer Finch. I have loved his work since I first heard about it in 1993. And now again I am so impressed by his work for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. He puts his focus not on the pain and anger of what was done to the victims, their family and friends and all of us who now live in a different world. He puts his focus on something beautiful, the idea of each persons vision, dreams and journey.

In an article in the NY Times, Randy Kennedy quotes Spencer saying

It had to be about that human quality of remembering, how it’s so fuzzy in some ways, and in other ways it’s so completely clear.

In his piece Spencer ties so many of his previous pieces together. The pillar box series, the mirages, the Icarus series and so on. I can strongly recommend to discover the work of Spencer. Its a thrilling journey.

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