I have focused tremendously on what is or can be enriching. And how to be enriching. In my work I have come to explore two major cultural aspects of what drives us as individuals to participate with our most valuable asset, our passion. I came to the conclusion that it was recognition and participation and I have used this in my lectures since 2004. Recently I came to revisit this and found that a core need amongst us humans, is to feel valuable. So I set out to be honest about my need to being valuable.

In order for us to engage and give, to seek further and not feel content with the mediocre, we must find ways to recognize the value we bring. Believe me, I have found solutions “twisting knots on themselves” to come up with an answer to this need. Today it was given to me with the greatest ease.

This is to you Annie.

As I was browsing a store for some stuff today, one of those truly admirable persons came up and surprised me. Long gone and dearly missed, I was so happy to see her.

Let me tell you, she is one of those persons that can get anyone to do anything for her. She just has it. Her eyes glows of intelligence and curiosity. She is by far one of the bravest persons I have met. She will bend for no one, except for maybe her daughter. Yet, she is the softest, kindest, most including person you can imagine.

This is a person with whom I have spent late nights talking and discovering art, I have seen her in business situations and I have stage-dived with her and a mutual friend. The stage was a living room floor and the audience was just the three of us.

She and her husband includes my family in so many situations, yet we don’t really hang-out. She has that kind of heart. The one you follow and look up to.

When asking her for advice in a matter many years ago, she solved the question with two rapid sentences as she jumped out of a cab, high-heels first, party engaged, but oh so right in her analysis.

Believe me, this is someone I look up to tremendously.

Now, she came up and bluntly gave me feedback on something. Something maybe not really important to the world, but important to me. And she didn’t just hand it over. She put in a context were I saw that she had really reflected on it and that it had been valuable to her. She made me, in a minute or so, feel really valuable. That is priceless.

Concluding; The finest method of getting people up on their feet continuing their work and vision with engagement and passion, is to show them that they are valuable. They are. I am.

You are