Ackomplishing a true innovative business climate, we foster diverse teams. Any single minded thought process will definately work against your organization reaching your Innovation goals. However we can’t do this as a campaign and shout Bring In The Clowns! We need diversity to be a normality.

We are not the same
I try to teach my children that we are not the same. No two persons are the same.

Sure, we have similarities and we (should) have equal rights, but we are not the same.

I want my children to love and respect others, because we are different. To understand that our differencies are our strenghts.

As our team is now of 100% male gender, I will today in honor my word and make it a mission, to firstly bring in a bit of female entrepreneurship to our team.

Boy, do we need it!


Violin bwI am an advocate of failures, my mantra being: Failure is not a result; it is part of a process. However there are forms of failure that have fatal impact and these can be avoided through leadership, focus, guts and a bit of good luck.

Failure can have many faces

One typical form of failure is that we do not find a working or acceptable solution to a given challenge or need. When a technology proves to be not working or a solution not to be accepted by the market, often enough we see this as failing projects. We can learn and iterate and solve this, or just move on.

If we move on, usually it is for the benefit of another more promising project, which is part of a contracting process forcing us to select were we spend our resources. If we redevelop and try again, we have pushed ourselves to hopefully finding a better solution, i.e. failure was a success.

Killing projects

Killing a project can be hard, but important. Making the right choice for the right reasons early on, tends to touch the efficiency curve of Innovation Portfolio management.

As we are still looking for a cost to market and revenue at market ratio and since this is to be discounted based on a limited time frame, our ability to be efficient affects the overall performance even more.

The lethal failure

Another category of failures, being that we do not have resources, strategy, stamina or guts to Innovate is the dangerous part. This trap has to be avoided at any cost; else it will cost all your revenues, customer relations and talents working for you.

Failing to innovate will over time be lethal to your organization.

When organizations like Kodak, Swedish Postal Services, printed newspapers or any other stale giant lack leaders that interpret mega trends and weak signals and guide their teams to finding solutions and offerings that fill needs and drive change, then we know we are in for a kill. And it is bloody. People lose their jobs, values are destroyed, investors lose capital, and brands are ruined and on and on… however new thinking entrepreneurs gain ground for competition- and I have to admit that I like this.

The cost of closing down, rather than Innovating, collaborating, thinking in new boxes, redesigning, shaping new business models etc., is however incomparable.

There are so many ways of innovating and it is so energizing, as opposed to the contrary. Through corporate venturing methods involving periscope investments and other innovation strategies, I have seen organizations rejuvenate their business and delivering value to all stakeholders.

Leadership for Innovation

There is no alternative in today’s business environment, than to seek and elaborate, discover new ways and continue to disrupt the common grounds.

This is a matter of leadership. Lead for success, embrace failures, and celebrate passion, engagement and efforts. Dare to build your whole organization to lead, don’t focus only on single leaders. Form your culture and operations to actually support innovation and steer its focus towards the exploration and exploitation of new findings.


Attacked Hepatica Nobilis / Angipen Blåsippa
Packed Pseudodineura mentiens Hepatica nobilis.

Almqvist, of the Sweden Democrats speaks about the worst day of his life. He had had a difficult time as he had been questioned and bullied following his choice to represent this controversial nationalistic party. This gave him an excuse to appear condescending towards others, using their multi cultural background, gender, age etc. as verbal weapons. Do I dare to imagine what he would have felt required to say had he met a HBT (homo-, bi-, trans sexual), non-Swedish speaking or an openly non-Christian, or someone disabled, or someone poor or someone… else not just like him.

He had had a night on town. Poor guy! But I feel happy for him.

He is lucky only having fled his demons in a bar and not in another country. He is lucky to be in a safe environment, backed by a democratic society and a whole bunch of healthy, strong, white, well-groomed boys.

What if there had been a government ban on dissent, what if he had lived under the threat of torture, persecution, imprisonment or death sentence. What if he would have had to witness his family members being beaten and raped because he pushes his belief in freedom and democracy (note this is not incitement to any acts of violence).

Imagine if he had been robbed repeatedly at everything he stands for, even his own respect. What if he did not have a well-paid job as a senator with the task to administer the nation. What if he had to live in fear of bombs and militias, missiles and policemen. Imagine if he had had to flee his country to another country that promises democracy …. and meet his alter ego. It would have been worse.

Poor Almqvist. Poor poor, those who do not know better



Almqvist talar om den värsta dagen i hans liv. Han hade det jobbigt, blivit trakasserad för sitt partival och ifrågasatt. Det ger honom en ursäkt att uppträda nedlåtande mot andra medmänniskor och använda deras flerkulturella bakgrund, kön, ålder etc som tillhygge. Vågar jag tänka vad han hade behövt häva ur sig om han hade mött en HBTare, eller en icke svensktalande, eller en öppet icke Kristen, eller en handikappad, eller en fattig, eller en….. annan människa som inte är precis som honom.

Han hade haft en natt på stan. Stackarn! Mina sympatier. Men jag glädjer mig för hans skull.

Tur för honom att han bara sökte tillflykt på krogen och inte i ett annat land. Tur för honom att han befinner sig i en för honom trygg miljö, uppbackad av ett rättssamhälle och en hel hoper av friska, starka, vita, välkammade män.

För tänk om det hade varit statsförbud för oliktänkande, tänk om han levt under hot av tortyr, förföljelse, fängelse och död. Tänk om han hade behövt bevittna sina familjemedlemmar bli misshandlade och våldtagna för att han driver sin tro på frihet och demokrati (obs detta är inte uppvigling till något).

Tänk om han hade blivit bestulen gång på gång på allt han står för, sin egen respekt till och med. Tänk om han inte fick gå till ett välbetalt arbete som Riksdagsman och styra landets förvaltning. Tänk om han behövt leva under rädsla för bomber och miliser, missiler och poliser. Tänk om han hade behövt fly från sitt land till ett annat land som utlovar demokrati…. och möta sitt alterego. Det hade varit värre.

Stackars Almqvist. Stackars stackars de som inte vet bättre