The winner shares it all

Does capitalism show a new face? Or is this just a phase that we are going through? The world has been turning towards the sharing economy, even at a faster pace than it has turned to the sharing society. I say the winner shares it all.

The famous ABBA anthem claim that “The winner takes it all”

The winner takes it all

I, on my hand, believe that the truth luckily is that the winner shares it all.

There are two edges of this sword. One being the movement of the sharing economy, in which we share capital, ideas, competencies, knowledge and data. We share – not take, nore give. Share. This way we also study what others do with what is found, and we let us be inspired and taught to continue the journey of own  value creation. Sharing has also become a factor of transaction. By sharing we compensate for seemingly valuable services and products. It is a chapter of its own, but wort while studying. What is the value of my data? Who can own and interpret it? Who will convert it and capitalize on it?

We know that shared data lead to possible change in the world. Shared data can help us eradicate poverty. Shared knowledge will help us build peace, as education is the best tool to empower people. This is again why, universities sharing their knowledge, are our best hope.

The winner shares it all
– Googol

The other edge of the sword is that of sharing, as in over-riding the systematic redistribution of wealth created by governement. An approach where we assemble and collect wealth and distribute it as we see fit. A healthy move to some extent, but what happens when need suffers populistic fanatism? Will attention be drawn to those that are in most urgent need or those that happen to have the eyes of some attention drawing people? Need we protect the situation based on other matters than populism?

We return to valuation models. What do I get in exchange for what I give? How do we convince each other in this sharing economy? What traits will be drivers for the coming generations?

There are tons of new ventures being formed based on the sharing economy. We share resources, such as in crowd funding, we share ideas and competencies as in open source development, we share structure and context as in collaborative development. We share needs as in networking and insight work. We even see models where cars and wifi are shared. Now, how will large corporations build in to this? It is, as often with me, the area I tend to focus on.

I now will study Alex Stepahanys book The business of sharing, hoping for some insights.

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