Ambidextrous Organization

All industries are facing radical changes called for by new business models, technology shifts, market requirements and not least the strong super trends and entrepreneurial ways that challenge value chains. We therefore have to manage continued business and continuous changes in parallel with disruptive and entrepreneurial initiatives explored. This is partially what is called ambidextrous organization.

Lead, challenge and disrupt

An organization operating in an industry, which stands in the midst of upheaval, requires insight and drive, vision and implementation, and possibly many others contra-dictating characteristics for survival. It is no longer enough to be adaptive and agile. To deliver lasting customer value, an organization need to be challenging in parallel with the continued safely shipping of their offerings. One must be able to do something with the right hand and another with the left. At the same time. While whistling your favorite song.

Intrapreneurship and Corporate Venturing

I normally suggest to deal with these issues from a leadership and cultural perspective firstly and secondly organizing a structural solution to support each organizations specific situation. We incorporate intrapreneurship and corporate venturing as means to meet some of these situations.

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