My passion, apart from the growth and innovation business, is of course firstly my family. I also find great interest in contemporary art, architecture and our nature. I love spending time in the forest, jungle, hillsides or even 80 feet below the surface free-diving. To me, compassion curiosity and courage have become lead words. I strongly believe in leadership beyond personal winnings.Dariush Ghatan

In 1999 I co-founded Googol. I base my work with Googol partially on my experience as an intrapreneur (intra-organizational entrepreneur) at various large companies prior to founding Googol. I thrive on creating, accelerating and realizing value and growth.

I hold a bachelor of science (bsc) from the university of Uppsala and a business administration and economics degree, with advanced studies in accounting from the university of Stockholm and have as well completed post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School in Boston, MA, USA.

I lecture frequently about business leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship and have been active at institutions such as Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITO), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) executive school, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, IHM Business School, SIME and IAC in Daejeong Korea. Most of my talks and lectures are done for my clients.

I find great joy and personal reward from assisiting the work of various social entrepreneurs. Having finally found how to engage, I have since 2006 also been able to engage in finding what to engage in.


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